Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Imbolc 2013

Spring is coming.....

It can feel hard to believe, the weather is harsh, after recent snowfall and frost,the ground is solid,the Sky's are dark sometimes without colour.
The bitter wind still pulls at your coats,creating pink noses and cheeks!
Dark nights,dark early mornings.......and yet the earth has began to stir,all underneath within its cosy dark blanket, the earth has begun to wake.

Small shoots begin to show through the ground,the first signs of spring starts to rear her head.....

We found these amazing snowdrops during a walk we organised with our group Bristol pagan parents
wrap up warm, grab some snacks and head out to see if you can find the first signs of spring, we used some printable downloads by nature detectives,the woodland trust. we had fun trying to find the first signs of spring and having a "spotter sheet" made it more fun for the children to find the clues. we also used "colour bingo" so the children could see how many colours they could find in nature! This one was suprising!

As the weather still has its bitter chill its important to remember the animals outside, we often have our bird feeders outside and is lovely to watch the birds come and go! (educational too)
We wanted to add to our bird feeders, so we recycled a cardboard tube from a toilet roll ! smeared it with peanut butter (very messy) and rolled it in some bird food (also very messy) .We then simply stuck it onto a branch and waited to see how many visitors we would get!


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