Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Autumn Equinox (also known as Mabon or Harvest Home) is celebrated when day and night are of equal duration before the descent into increasing darkness and is the final festival of the season of harvest.

In nature, the activity of the summer months slows down to the hibernation for the winter. For many Pagans, now is time to reflect on the past season.

It is also a time to recognise that the balance of the year has changed, the wheel has turned and summer is now over.

Astrologers will recognise this as the date the sun enters the sign of Libra - the Scales of Balance.

Now is the time to gather! in our ancestors time this would have been a very busy period. Gathering what can be from the hedgerows and storing it and making it into jams,chutneys and medicines for the winter.

Following on from the Elderflower collecting at summer solstice, myself and little one collected the elderberries to make into jam and syrup and the blackberries to also make into jam.


Again another brilliant opportunity to to identify plants and understand how flowers turn into berries! not to mention just getting outside!

Amazing craft opportunities arise when the leaves start to fall!

Collect the leaves and place between books to flatten, place in between some sticky back plastic (clear book covering) don't forget to place the clear thread inside also. When the leaves are inside the clear plastic  cut around the leaf shapes and hang onto a twig to make a pretty mobile.
You could also throw in some leaf and tree identifying into the mix!


The above is one of my friends rather creative blogs!! The above picture is one of her and her families creations. The concept is similar to how you do paper mache.


Smudge stick making! grab your herbs,we chose sage,rosemary and thyme........if your stuck for herbs in the garden or you dont have a garden/window box,then supermarkets do them allready in bunches!!
wrap your herbs together and hang to dry. This is another good way of getting children exploring with their hands and nose and identifying the herbs they are using! These smell amazing whilst drying too.

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